What is in style this year?

What the heck is in style this year? It seems like the fashion industry has gone a little bi-polar in the past year. Not just that, but everything is just becoming  a rinse…and repeat.

It’s tough. Styles used to take decades to evolve, sometimes centuries. Remeber that whole corset and fluffy dress thing? Yea. That lasted a couple of hundred years. With the crazy modernization and industrialization of the 20th Century and now the technology of the 21st Century, it seems like everything is moving a lot faster. This included the fashion cycle, and unless we evolve into those funky suits the Jetson’s were wearing, I don’t see anything that innovative coming out in the next few seasons. I love blogging about fashion. I love telling my readers about the latest and greatest trends that I see—peplum dresses and skirts and onesies making a comeback—but I can’t help but notice the comeback thing more than not.

Have designers completely run out of ideas? Will animal prints be toted as a new and crazy fashion trend yet again??!! How many times can we do classic looks and then let the pendulum swing the other way to crazy overboard, neon madness? Will TomKat ever get back together? Sorry…I digress.

My fashion report for this season is be what you want to be. If you are bohemian, go bohemian. Preppy. Stay preppy. Classic? Stay as you are. Right now I think the fashion world is trying to find it’s legs for a new evolution from what we’ve been used to into something totally unique and different.

The evolution comes with finding new, young, fresh, and independent designers. It comes with vintage and thrift and discovering the old and merging it with the new. It comes with being unique and not following what the mainstream says is sexy or fashionable. It comes in the spirit or energy or emotion something you wear makes you feel and not the name brand that the main stream is telling you to wear.

So, this season my fashion report is: BE YOU.

The 90′s are BACK!

My mom always told me to keep what I had in my closet because fashion is…well, cyclical, to say the least. Wait 10 or 15 years or even a season or two and watch your favorites from the past get recycled with a new twist. I don’t think designers are lazy or uncreative, we’ve just kind of done it all fashion-wise. Unless those Jetson looking space suits get into fashion, we’re stuck with what we know. I’m sure some of you have noticed the colored jeans, crocheted flats, jelly shoes, and even the Kelly Kapowski- style skimpy dresses. Yup. The 90′s are back in! But just because something is back in fashion, doesn’t mean it’s all cute. I look back a la 1995 with fondness at my jelly shoes, but that one shoulder overall look is cringe worthy! Don’t jump into a trend just because it’s in or nostalgic. Remember, some of that stuff was ugly back then, and it’s ugly now. Here are a few of my 90′s do’s and don’t do’s!

1. Do-Printed Leggings

Katie Holmes in floral leggings.

Last week I was looking through the tabloids, and I saw one of my best-dressed celebs, Katie Holmes, in floral leggings! This look is so fond to me and reminds me of that 90′s sitcom star, Blossom. The look is definitely more trendy then timeless, but it’s a fun and very inexpensive way to have something from this season without busting your budget since you can grab a cheap pair from any fashion store for around $20 or less. Katie does a wonderful  job making this look casual chic with the heels and distressed denim shirt. It’s a comfy look that isn’t slobbish.

Crochet Espadrille

2. Do-Crochet Flats

Crochet flats were adorable back when I was in grade school, and they are adorable now! They are actually improved, though. Not sure if my mom just bought me a cheap pair, but every time I go shopping and I see these, the padding and support is much better than the ones I remember from back in the day. Also, like I mentioned earlier, the fashion industry always adds a twist. These 90′s knockoffs are better than ever with new colors and even new styles, like the espadrille hybrids. Cute, affordable, and very 90′s!

3. Do-The Kelly Kapowski Tank Dress

Tank Dress from Forever21

Not sure how Tiffany Amber Theissen’s character got away with these skimpy dresses with school dress codes in affect, but who cares? I’m a grown up now, and I’ll wear what I want to! These dresses are so great for music festival season, which happens as the snows melt away and people want to go out and listen to music, jam, and get some sun. Also, a great dress for the beach. It’s light, airy, and can serve as a swim coverup. If you don’t have the perfect figure (who, does?), you can mix this look with a loose cardigan, plain leggings, or a belt. If you were blessed with the Kapowski figure, go ahead and have fun in this sexy and revealing fun trend!

1. Don’t-Mid-drift Baring or Mid-drift Tie

Half shirts are only cool if you are in a 90′s parody video on youtube. Don’t go for this cheesy and trashy look. The worst thing you can do is wear a flannel and tie it at the waist. This look is soo my so-called over and should not come back. Remember how embarrassed you get looking back at the first time you followed this trend? Yea, we’re older now. Smarter. We don’t need to make the same, horrible mistake twice.

Kim K showing us why shoulder pads are ugly.

2. Don’t -Shoulder Pads

I recently saw one of my least favorite celebs, Kim Kardashian (surprise!) wearing this hideous trend. Kim looks like she was a rejected extra from a Star Wars movie, and you will, too, if you decide to wear this blast from the past. What is or was the purpose of this look? To make yourself look more like a boxy linebacker? Not sure what is the reason for big shoulder pads, but I know that this will be one look you will look back at in ten years and think, “What the hell? How did this ever get back in style. We banished it the first time!”

3. Don’t-Oversized Vests

Do I have to explain this one? Please, do not go out and buy an oversized vest. In fact, if you kept yours from the 90′s because you thought it would come back, just throw it out now before I find out. There was a lot about the 90′s that was so cool – the alternative rock movement, The Real World, Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell, the beginning of the real tech era, I can go on…but oversized vests were not one of them. This outdated and ugly look is a leave it, in my book. There are so many fun styles that are back, focus on those!


Whatever you chose in your flashback look, remember to have fun with it and wear it with sass! Some styles are ugly unless you bring your own unique blend to the look. Your personality makes your style, not the clothes! Enjoy the 90′s….again.

Welcome to the Jungle…Tribal Prints Gone Wild!

Zoey Deschanel in Tribal Prints

If you’ve been watching the runway for Spring 2012, you’ve probably noticed a lot of designs, prints, and bold colors. Not sure if it’s the mother-earth love we all desperately need after a really rough economic year, but it seems like designers are going back to nature. My favorite trend for Spring 2012 is the tribal print. The nature-toned hues are bold without being overdone, and the designs are unique and really fun! Tribal can be surprisingly diverse,  mixing it with acid wash skinnies and some short moccasin boots, for a hipster look, while pairing a bold printed top with khaki cropped pants and ballet flats can yield a whole different style altogether. Preppy, business, or rocker chick, mixing in these designs at varied degrees, it is as easy to blend this look from classic to trendy.

Tribal Dress from MonoB

Celebrities love the flirty look. Indie Princess and now New Girl star Zoey Deschanel recently wore an adorable tribal dress at one of her performances.  With online discount websites and cheapie stores, like Forever 21, there is no excuse not to go out and pick up one or two of these adorable duds for your fashion wardrobe collection.

I found this cute and super cheap belted tank dress by MonoB online, doing a quick search on tribal. It’s only $54! Heels dress up this light chiffon gown, while ballet flats and leggings can tone it down. Jeans and loafers or boots, make it a great outfit for a concert. As you can see, tribal is a very versatile print, and with a wide diversity in patterns, you are sure to find one with a color scheme that matches your features!

You can find this dress and more cute, cheap clothes from: http://www.tobi.com

Fall/Winter Must Have – Fair Isle and Faux Fur Trimmed

Fair Isle Sweaterdress

I went for a girl’s shopping day with one of my friends today. Despite the fact that it’s almost the end of October and 95 degrees (Ouch!) in L.A., I have winter on the brain. Usually in sunny SoCal, it gets to sweater weather by now. Not sure if it’s the global warming or just a warm front, but I desperately want to slip out of my ballet flats and into some riding boots. Trying to throw on an oversized cashmere sweater or two…For the rest of you in the “real” World, I’m jealous if you’re looking at a street lined with orange and brown crunchy leaves! So fall weather lover’s, let’s look at my fall/winter must have, the Fair Isle Sweater. Fair Isle sweaters come from lovely Northern Scotland and have a very classic feel to them. It reminds me of the grandma knit sweater gone posh.

Use Faux Fur as an Accent!

Pair this homey knit look with skinny jeans and some tall boots, and you will look oh-so-comfy. Try to avoid the heavy old-school wool. It’s itchy and can shrink in the wash. I go for cashmere blends. Another amazing style that comes in this time of year is fur trim. I go for faux fur, personally, because I am such a huge animal lover! I can’t think about killing cute little creatures for fashion. Although I haven’t given up leather yet! I know. Hypocrite. The faux furs are so realistic these days though, there is no reason to go real. Faux furs can line hoodies, sweaters, or even on vests. You can go overkill with this look. Cruela de Ville is not a fashion icon. This style should be used sparingly just as an accent. For example, only a fur vest or boots, not both.

However you decide to wear your Fair Isle or Faux Fur, make it your own. Have fun with these trends!


What’s your favorite fall or winter trend? Send me your favorites with pics to be featured in a blog!

E-mail me: info@thefashionsite.net

Mary Kate and Ashley Rock Fall with OlsenBoyle

The Olsen Twins have been disassociated with the 1990′s sitcom, Full House, and now been

The Olsen Twins

associated with high fashion. In fact, the smartly dressed pair is often seen at red carpet events and sitting front row a la fashion weeks across the globe, but it’s their low end line, Olsenboyle, that recently grabbed my attention. I had heard a little bit about the line and even perused the website, noting the adorable and affordable fashions, but it wasn’t until last week, while stuck on the Westside, did I really get a good look at their killer designs. I had an appointment by the Beach and another one a couple hours later. It didn’t make sense for me to drive an hour in Los Angeles traffic, just to drive back. So, I killed some time at the local shopping mall. Wandering through JCPenney’s, I stumbled upon the Olsenboyle section in the Juniors Department. Their designs are modern and high fashion with an extremely hip edge, yet all of the clothes were…well, JCPenney’s prices.  I don’t think I saw an item above $40. The style can not be summed up. It’s H&M meets TopShop meets Forever 21 plus a little Mary Kate and Ashley. There is a European feel to the line, most likely inspired by those nights watching the catwalks in Milan and Paris. The “You Got It Dude” days are well forgotten, as these two young designers have reinvented

The line has a young and super hip feel.

themselves in a whole new genre. My favorite part about the line is the indie mood. From the creative short films on their website to the hipster models that they employ in their marketing campaigns, there is nothing department store about the line at all. It’s such a brilliant juxtaposition of high end and low end, of art fashion and corporate fashion. You wouldn’t expect to see a line like this next to Charter Club polo shirts and khakis. Although it does go to show that atmosphere can shift prospective. There were a few pieces, mostly floral summer dresses that could swing either way. The department store mood and lighting made the dresses look more Wal-Mart than cat walk, but beyond that, most of the pieces rise above the location and stand alone as being fashion forward. If you’re looking for a unique and very young brand, check out their fall line for some unique pieces. Shopping online is fun and easy, and I can skip the feel of stepping into middle America. (Yuk! I hate department stores, screaming kids and all!) But mainly, the net brings that artistic feel. Spend some time to watch the short films and revel in the Williamsburg feel of it all.


Check out their Fall line at http://www.Olsenboyle.com!